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CMIR and Life as a Journalism Student

The Center for Media Innovation + Research they are developing new ways of reporting information. It is such a changing job field that students need to know different ways of reporting information. It also helps students research the effectiveness of their work and innovation. The CMIR helps students go into a more digital medium and research the most effective ways.

My time as a journalism student has mainly been in the UF College of Journalism Innovation News Center. It has been a great experience writing, creating video and audio content for the news stations First at Five newscast. I get to report and anchor for the 5 p.m. show. It is a great way of learning how to work in the real world. It is very important for me to get the mentorship and experience that I have here so that I'm able to work more efficiently when I get a job.

I have learned a lot from mentors and other students at WUFT News. They always teach me different things and help me learn new ways of doing things. My…

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